Fabric guide

An incredibly versatile, luxurious and beautiful material, silk is great for all climates. With natural temperature-regulating properties, silk keeps you warm on cold winter days and will feel cool and soft on your skin on warmer, summer days. Silk absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp and is resistant to odours and staining, thanks to its robust and smooth surface. A sumptuous material, silk presents an opulent aesthetic that is appropriate and functional for daily use. We currently offer two materials: silk habotai and silk georgette.  


Our 100% silk habotai is a beautiful and elegant fabric with a soft sheen. The opaque material offers a voluminous drape while remaining fluid and soft to the touch. Colours are incredibly vivid and brilliant. 
Please click here to generate your unique silk habotai scarf.



Our soft and gorgeous 100% silk georgette is matte in appearance and works great with pastels and soft monochromes. Bright colours appear rich and vivid. The fabric is light while still keeping you warm. Its subtle drape makes it great for everyday wear.
Please click here to generate your unique silk georgette scarf.



We are currently looking into other fabrics including organic bamboo silk and peace silk. We will update this page once we offer these materials, but feel free to drop us an email, if you are interested in one of them. We are happy to answer any questions and appreciate your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. 

While we try to describe and depict our fabrics as accurately and detailed as possible, we understand that nothing compares to actually touching a material. If you are having a hard time deciding which one of our quality fabrics to go for, drop us a line and we can arrange a visit to our London studio, where you can try on our scarves. If you are not based in London we can post a small sample of each fabric to your address.