Beautifully crafted goods and wearables inspired by digital generative formations and textures.

At convivial, we combine emerging technology and design to craft bespoke goods and wearable pieces that are made to last. By making the design process more accessible, we encourage you to explore your own creativity to form a personal, thoughtful and unique item.



Generative Scarves

Where maths meets physics and biology in the creation of an outcome rendered by variable inputs, Generative Scarves explores the use of a procedural algorithm commonly used to generate patterns of the natural world. The results are individual and surprising, representative of the elemental characteristics of liquid metals, minerals and organic formations found in rocks, presented through an infinite choice of stunning colours, shapes and scales.


Each piece is as individual as its owner

This process of customisation means each item is unique and distinctive, making it exclusive and individual; perfect as a gift for a loved one. 

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To celebrate the launch of our first collection and offer inspiration on the possibilities the algorithm allows, we have crafted three editions that are ready to purchase today.

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