bespoke generative fashion

convivial project provides a platform to get involved in designing a personal, thoughtful and unique item. Each product is carefully crafted in the UK.

convivial project’s debut collection Generative Scarves examines algorithms and mathematical formulas that can be used via a digital interface to design unique and surprising patterns with an infinite choice of stunning colours, shapes and textures.

French-German brand convivial project was co-founded by Ann-Kristin Abel and Paul Ferragut in 2014. Originally based in London, UK, the experimental design studio crafts bespoke goods and wearable pieces utilising innovative technology.

Bringing together their diverse backgrounds in programming, graphic design, fashion design and trend research, their collective and innovative approach merges well-defined disciplines. Driven by a mindset that is focused on developing technology that is poetic, inclusive and relevant, convivial project bridges the gap between the maker and the user.

If you are looking for our creative studio services please visit convivial.studio